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Fast Permanent Rodent and Wildlife Removal from your home or business – FLAT RATE PRICING

Humane Wildlife Trapping and Nuisance Animal Removal

The health and safety of those closest to you is as important to you as air and water, we know this to be true. Knowing that you are giving them the very best is what we do best. Start with a FREE INSPECTION call (407) 792-0273

We guarantee from the beginning you will receive fast, understanding and expert service by vermin and wildlife control professionals. Professionals that, for over 10 years, have been, humanely, removing Florida’s rats, snakes, raccoons, and all types of nuisance animals from both residential and business properties.


  • All services will be humane with respect to the health safety of the animal
  • We will PERMANENTLY seal your structures preventing re-entry and re-infestation.
  • Any and All damage Repaired
  • Complete cleaning and sanitization of animal aftermath: mess, scat, parasites, and animal born disease causing germs
  • GUARANTEED in writing with our – Critter Solutions – “Gone for Good!” Guarantee

Protect your Home Family and Business

Get pest Free, like over 10,000 Critter Solution customer have, Call Today (407) 792-0273.

5 Reasons to call Critter Solutions Today – FREE INSPECTION

  1. FLAT RATE – We work until the job is done and your rodents and wildlife are removed and prevented from returning
  2. “GONE FOR GOOD!” Guarantee – A Lifetime guarantee that your property and business will be pest free, includes annual re-inspections.
  3. CLEAR BILLING – You will only be charged for what we do and your invoice will be understandable clearly itemizing all services.
  4. LOWEST COST – You will not pay more to use Critter Solution. We guarantee to beat by 10& any written estimate for the same work.
  5. HISTORY of SUCCESS – A+ Ratings; Better Business Bureau (BBB), Angie’s List etc.

Rat, Raccoon, Squirrels, Bats and all other Florida Wildlife Removed at a GOOD PRICE guaranteed!