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Rodent Control - Rats & Mice

Expert rodent control, guaranteeing successful eradication of rat and mice infestations, even the complex cases. Your safety, our priority.

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Squirrel Removal Services

Quick and humane squirrel removal to protect from damage and contamination. Trust us for comprehensive squirrel management.

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Removal Services

Safe, humane bat removal services, eradicating infestations in homes or businesses. We care for your well-being and the critters.

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Raccoon Removal Services

Effective raccoon removal for homes and businesses. Rely on our professional, efficient services for your raccoon issues.

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Other Wildlife Control Services

Wide-ranging wildlife control, from gators to wild hogs. Trust our experienced team for effective, humane wildlife management.

Top Wildlife Control in Florida

Expert Wildlife Removal Services

Committed to Delivering Unparalleled Customer Satisfaction

Critter 911 is your trusted partner in resolving persistent and challenging wildlife and pest issues. Having been in the industry since 2005, we have a strong reputation for providing fast, 100% effective, and guaranteed solutions for wildlife removal and rodent control services. Our unparalleled expertise allows us to handle even the most complicated cases that others find difficult to control.

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We pride ourselves on our:

  • Comprehensive approach: From rodents to raccoons, squirrels to bats, we manage it all.
  • Prompt response: We prioritize your safety and comfort, providing fast and reliable services. We do not push services that are useless or are unnecessary simply to pad the bill. You only pay for what you need.
  • Effective solutions: Our methods are tried and tested, ensuring a pest-free environment.
  • Honest practices: We uphold transparency, offering flat rates with no hidden fees.
  • Exceptional expertise: Our knowledge and skills have been honed over 18 years in the business.
  • We are certified: We Are fully Trained, Licensed, And Insured. We are “A+ Rated” for everything that rates.

Ask for Our Free Estimates!

Experience top-tier wildlife control with free cost estimates and no hidden charges!

18 Years of Proven Success

What Is Our Process?

At Critter 911, we understand the stress and discomfort pests and wildlife can bring. Hence, our process is designed to provide immediate and lasting relief:

  • Initial inspection: Our 12 point inspection starts with the base of structure, walls, eves, roof vents and angles on the outside and pathways, droppings, damage to ducts, wiring, and plumbing in your attic or crawlspace. We check everything.​​
  • Integrated trapping & treatment process: The info from our very through inspection will give us the best idea of how to remove the rat or mouse colony. We use the CDC’s recommendations when we set up an integrated trapping/treatment program for your solution. And we schedule our checks around you.​
  • Permanent seal up and exclusion: We warranty our seal up for a lifetime (lifetime renewable Warranty), so we use materials that are meant to last. Every opening on your home that rats and mice can enter through is sealed off. We check on each seal annually to make sure you never have this problem back again.
  • Damage repair: We use approved methods to reinsulate damaged wires, reseal penetrated ducts, reinforce gnawed plumbing, resurface stained drywall, etc. There are times when the damage is substantial and we use a network of licensed specialists that can respond to our customers’ needs.
    Waste clean up & disinfection: Rat & Mouse waste is bio hazardous. and as it dries to dust, it can present a significant health risk and give off a bad smell. we are capable of every level of clean. From a simple sterilization fog to complete attic/crawlspace restoration.
  • Dead animal removal & odor decontamination: Rats & Mice sometimes die in your home and the smell is unbelievable. we are experts at locating the carcass, removing it, decontaminating, and treating the area for parasites. we pride ourselves on being the best at this unpleasant task.
  • Parasite elimination: Rats and mice come with fleas, ticks and mites. that is just how it is. And these parasites are the primary vector for the blood born diseases that make rodents the second (behind mosquitos) most deadly animal known to man (based on how many people die from contact). We are always concerned with your safety first and foremost. So a parasite elimination treatment is always available, and in some cases strongly suggested.
  • Outside population control: There are times when it is necessary to reduce the population of rodents on the outside of your property. We are experts at setting up baiting systems to eliminate rat & mouse populations out side (as much as is possible) to give you a safe outdoors.
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What Our Clients Are Saying


Lauren Maley

Discovered I had rats in my home. I called a couple companies, & off the info given to me on the phone, had Critter 911 come out to my house. During his inspection he also discovered I had bats and we hired them to get rid of it all. Critter 911 did very good job. I also sent them out to my parents who had a rodent problem themselves and they took really good care of them as well. I would recommend Critter 911 to anyone with these kinds of rodent issues.

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Extreme Mashups

I’m very happy with the service they provided. Some animals made their way into my attic and were causing all kinds of havoc. Not only did they remove the pests, they made all the necessary repairs. They also were very professional.

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Jason Anderson

The crew from Critter 911 was very prompt in responding to our call and completed the removal of several racoon babies and the mother racoon in our attic and in addition a dead rat. There was damage to our a/c ducts and wiring from the critters and after sealing up our entire roof areas the ducts and wiring were repaired as necessary. They took pictures before and after the repairs were completed for our review. The workers were very nice and kept things very clean. Their prices were very competitive and I would highly recommend them. We are having our dryer vent cleaned by them next week also.

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R Dozier

Critter 911 provided us amazing and speedy service and completely solved the rat infestation in my home. They were prompt, had high attention to detail, and gave us great communication through every step of the rat removal process. We are grateful for their outstanding work and highly recommend Critter 911 to any one else with rat issues in the Orlando area. I included a picture of some seal-up they did on our roof to keep the rats out.

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Jacob Berroa

Critter 911 really took care of us. We had a rat and squirrel infestation in Orlando that they solved completely. Ian was very helpful and knowledgeable and walked us through every step of the rat removal process. Really professional and cared a lot about the animals.

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Happiness California

Dryer vent cleaning
Insulation repairs from rodents chewing insulation.

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Rhonda Powell

They were very quick to respond and their prices are very reasonable. The tech that was sent was very knowledgeable and professional.

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Kayla Richey

I discovered I had bats and rodents in my home in Leesburg, FL. My parents recommended that I call Critter 911. Paul came out, looked around, and gave me an estimate to take care of the problem. I hired him over the others because he gave me a better rate! I haven’t had and rats or bats since!!! He was thorough and did what he said he’d do. I’d recommend Critter 911 to anyone.

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Lisa Golub

When the critters decide to come inside, give Critter 9-1-1 a call! Paul and his team are incredibly knowledgeable and friendly. They will help you solve your problem and won’t sell you unnecessary services. They’ll help you solve your critter problem quickly, efficiently, and humanely.

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Jennifer Scheer

When I called, Paul came the next day and took photos of all the damage this little critter(s) had done. There was a small hole that was a big problem, and he immediately went to the hardware store to temporarily fix the damage so it wouldn’t get worse until the critters were trapped.
Paul explained the process, and how long it would take – steps he would take to be sure the problem is gone. We are almost complete, but up to now Paul has been very thorough. Taking pictures along the way to show damage and repairs.
I would recommend using him/his team. The warranty is great as well.

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Deshon Bennett

Always gets the animals out and keeps them out and is great on his warranty a fine service men of this country support our troops.

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Michelle Gilles

Sterilization fogging for COVID-19 mitigation.

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